F.A.Q. for Higher Education Institutions

How can my university or college partner with Aspirnaut™?

Aspirnaut™ has worked with Berea College in Kentucky and Tennessee State University in Nashville to provide research internships opportunities that fulfill work or study requirements for private and federal grants/funding. If your institution is interested in setting up an Aspirnaut™ summer research internship program, researchinternships@aspirnaut.org.

What is the cost of replicating the Aspirnaut™ model at my institution?

Aspirnaut program encompasses several components – all of which can be replicated by any research institution, including higher education, medical schools and private companies/corporations.

Roughly speaking, the cost of replicating the Summer Research component is about $6,000 (high school) to $8,000 (undergraduate) direct cost per student. This cost includes room and board, salary, individual career planning, luncheon seminars, and college/grad school prep activities.

The cost of the Beaming STEM Labs is about $1,000 to $2,000 direct cost per classroom per year but varies depending on the numbers of students, grade-level of classroom and supplies already available to classes. This cost covers supplies and shipping cost for the labs, but excludes start-up costs such as technology purchase, room/facility rental.