F.A.Q. for Volunteers

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

AspirnautTM is always looking for those with an interest in education, science, and communication to support our programs.

Beaming STEM Lab Volunteers

One opportunity for STEM undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty is to volunteer to lead Beaming STEM Labs. Hands-on activities are led by undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty with an interest in teaching students and making science come alive in their classroom. Volunteers complete training and then sign-up to teach one hour labs based on their availability for teaching as they are able to do. They may beam from Medical Research Building III on Vanderbilt’s campus or from a lab or office wherever they are located. 

Additionally, volunteers are always needed to help with creating hands-on activities and other aspects of Beaming STEM Labs. Contact videoconferencing@aspirnaut.org to learn more about volunteering in this capacity.

Summer Research Internship Volunteers

Volunteers are always needed to help mentor, encourage and support students that are on Vanderbilt’s campus for 6 to 10 weeks doing research internships. Contact summeresearchinternships@aspirnaut.org to learn more about volunteering in this capacity.

What experience or qualifications are required?

AspirnautTM is happy to partner with volunteers engaged in a STEM-related course of study or career. Reach out to us at contact@aspirnaut.org.

What kind of training is offered?

Training for STEM professionals with an interest in leading Beaming STEM Labs is provided throughout the calendar year. Training is from three to ten hours, depending on one’s level of experience. Training sessions are offered every few weeks as new volunteers are identified.

Other training is provided to volunteers as needed.