It has been almost 10 years since the 2005 National Academies report “Rising Above the Gathering Storm” warned that the U.S. government and private sectors need to act urgently and decisively to maintain U.S. position in the global market.  This report and its 2010 update “Rapidly Approaching Category 5” called for strengthening the public school system (particularly the STEM courses) and investing in basic scientific research.

Aspirnaut™ founders, Drs. Billy and Julie Hudson, have heeded this call to action.  Since its inception, the Aspirnaut™ program has been collaborating with universities and colleges to enhance STEM education in rural America.  Through this joint effort, partner universities and colleges have a unique opportunity to reach this untapped pool of eager learners who will become qualified candidates for STEM majors and careers.

The partnership model is simple and effective.  The university or college lends its academic assets (the professors and students) to the K-12 schools in its surrounding communities by adopting one of Aspirnaut’s™ modules – Beaming STEM, Summer Excursions, or Summer Internship Program.

To explore how your institution can partner with the Aspirnaut™ program, please call or email.



Since the Information Superhighway brought high speed connectivity to every school in America, the perception is that rural communities are more connected and better resourced for educating its children. The truth of the matter is that having access to information does not translate into better education.  It takes a community that values education as a way for a more vibrant future for the next generation.

In 2006, the co-founder of Aspirnaut™, Billy Hudson, visited his home town in rural Grapevine, Arkansas.  What he saw compelled him to invest his own resources to make a way for rural students to reach their potential as scientist, technologists, engineers and mathematician innovators.  As of 2013, over 2,500 students are in the Aspirnaut™ pipeline and 84% of high school students (32 out of 38) who have been Aspirnaut™ summer research interns are currently enrolled or have completed a STEM course of study in college.

Through a partnership with Aspirnaut™, selected students in rural communities who show an aptitude for and interest in STEM are eligible for enhanced STEM courses taught by college professors, research internship opportunities in universities and working science labs, summer excursions to higher education institutions, and individualized academic/career planning.  In addition, the Aspirnaut™ program incorporates professional development for STEM teachers into each of its modules.

If you are a change-maker in your community, please call or email us, sharing how you think Aspirnaut™ can be integrated into the education platforms within your community.  Together, we could explore the possibilities and find ways to bring what we have into your classrooms. You can also call your local civic leaders (the school board, the principal, the mayor, a congressman) and raise community support for better STEM education for the children in your community.


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