Giving Opportunities

Support the program with your tax-deductible designated gift or an unrestricted one.

Vanderbilt Visit for Beaming Students

$1,500 Hospitality Sponsorship

This sponsorship provides a 2-day visit to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for 25 students. During the visit, students participate in back-to-back hands-on STEM activities, visit biomedical research labs, and tour the campus. Many beaming students are from schools with a high percentage of free and reduced-fee lunch program participants.


Beaming STEM Labs

$2,500 Underwriter Package

This amount provides all reusable and expendable lab supplies for 25 students in 25 lab sessions per school year.


Summer Research Internships

$6,000 Scholarship Per Student

Each scholarship provides a salary, room, board, and most travel expense for a motivated high school student interested in a STEM career to join a biomedical research team. The internship provides opportunity for the student to participate in dorm life, ACT prep, special luncheon seminars, and cultural activities.